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The game looks very cool! I found it similar to the console games of my childhood on the Sega Mega Drive! Success in development!

I LOVED THIS GAME!! This game is so amazing! Although it is just a demo it had so much detail!! Being a toy isn't so pleasant as I thought!! Thank you so much for this game and I plan to play the full game soon! Thank you so much!!

I feel like a toy!!

Absolutely loved the demo! Was an incredible beginning to what I hope will be an even more incredible full game one day! I hope for nothing but the best on your development! I am happy that I donated to the indiegogo!

A fun little demo. We loved it. It is short but really good. Waiting for the full release.

I really enjoyed this little demo! I played it for part of a 3 random horror games video (it's the second game).

It reminded me a lot of Inside mixed with Little Nightmares, I can see the full release being really good. It seems like the devolopers have put a lot of time and effort into building a world and back story for the game, seems interesting!

Here's my video for anyone interested:]

Great game! We used it in our weekly playthrough video!

Hey! I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 6:21! Hope you enjoy!

A very interesting game it felt similar to "little nightmares" in both gameplay and horror build ups and jumpscares, it was interesting having little puzzles to complete in order to progress and it was fun to play.

 The only downside i found was if you did not read about the game (as many people do not have patience to read the descriptions) before downloading the game, there is no real lead into the story it would be nice to have a prelude or a narration to give hints or a part of the story so you are compelled to uncover more , but i assume this will probably be introduced on full release.

 A great game overall it will be great to see which direction this goes in.

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I got stuck when I slid down the vent and landed near a pot ... I couldn't do anything but jump, I couldn't interact, couldn't move left or right.. the character just stood there breathing..  not sure if that was the end of the demo? or if it glitched out.

Interesting, but confusing if that was all.. I ended up waiting there for several minutes and just giving up.. it didn't restart the sequence or anything :(

Opps, Sorry to hear that. Maybe just unknown bug.. We will fix it. Thank you for report Dude. 

the game was really fun, i was getting into it and then the demo ended T_T graphically it looks amazing, the puzzles were easy and fun,the jumpscares were more or less scary  the hand jump scare really got me tho. i hope you guys reach the goal to complete the game. id like to see more of the little potato guy. keep up the great work amigos :D i did a playthrough if you could please check it out and let me know what you think of it. thank you :D 


Thank you for play pacotacogames! haha,a expect our 2nd d emo please!

oh heck yea we getting another demo thats awesome! i'm looking forward to it, ill keep my eyes peeled for it. also thank you for checking out the video amigos :D

Wow I didn't expect to jump at this game but dang I did like 5 times good game and would love to play more

Thank you for play Trailmix!

yeah no problem 

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I never thought that games like this can scare the shit out of me! It's incredible! Every detail in this game is so great, and it's sad that the demo is so short. I just want to experience that again! I will definitely wait for a full version or a new extended demo! It absolutely should be on Steam!

Yes, Its little short :( Please Expect our next demo! We are preparing our Steam Page!

LOVED it so much! The only thing I'm sad about is that it's not longer!

Thank you for Play our game Nervouslatte! We will be back with 2nd demo on Summer!

And put your game on steam

We are now preparing steam page, Will notice when it ready!

I want to buy your game

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