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it was soo goood! can't wait for more


man monkey mad

Just watched GTLive play this, and it was very awesome. Following you to see how it goes.  

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This game took me by storm! I was not at all ready for what this game was about to deliver, especially  for a demo. The graphics are amazing, the part of the story we get to see is intriguing and the gameplay is fantastic!
I cant wait until you release the full thing. This will definitely go on a whislist. 
Good job you guys :D

I really really enjoyed this game! The graphics were amazing! I'm very interested to know what the background story is here. Looking forward to the final product! 

Definitely liked this game A LOT!!! Except for that monkey...scared the CRAP out of me!!! Cant wait for the full release!!! 

Absolutely loved  it. Looking forward to the full game.

It's a relatively short demo for now, but I am very curious to see how the final product turns out. The puzzle platforming with lethal twists is fun, but my favorite part of this game has to be the visuals and camera work. So fun to just look at.

Good job, devs.

I was super excited to play this one awesome game! 

Tried out the game, real nice.

Amazing game! We love it, can't wait to play the full release soon!

I know this is not a typical horror, per say, but MAN i had some jumpscare moments! I also do want to know the full story behind the character and what's going in the background. Will be waiting for the full release

Не ну это не хоррар это детская игра какая та


First game I played. I like it. Looks like a Toy Story 3 inspired Horror Game.


So this game is getting pretty big and gaining a ton of traction, so if there's anybody who wants to play this game for themselves just to try it out, here's a review for it! I know this is a demo, and ofc demo versions of games aren't the full content but this game is absolutely STUNNING! (kinda weird to say that about a horror game, but you get what I mean-- it's really well polished). The game itself plays as a horror platformer reminiscent of Little Nightmares, but this game holds its own in terms of style and environment. There's no controller support yet, but I honestly did feel as if playing with a controller could've given me a better user/player experience! The controls itself are really simple, so this isn't a con so to speak, but sometimes I did confuse the spacebar with the jump (up arrow) button a lot haha. It is definitely a short demo, about 15-20 minutes of play time, but it gives you a lot of insight into the depth and design of the upcoming release of the full game! Puzzles, jumpscares, doggos, this game is definitely worth a shot. If you guys want to check out my own personal playthrough of the demo, you can watch it here! 


(Start at 17:14) Egg-man is back! 
Can't wait for the full game!


This game really blew me away! It gave me a toy story meets little nightmares feel which was astounding to see! It never felt like it was trying too hard for scares and everything flowed really nice together! Also, the artwork for this game was amazing! I think this game will be extremely popular when its fully released! Absolutely amazing job!


Just played this demo and really enjoyed it can't wait for a full release here's my playthrough:

enjoy 😎👍

is it controller compatible

Not yet. :(


Dude this demo was fantastic, an upgrade from the first. I  cannot wait till the full game comes out, I  am thinking of doing a full playthrough of it. Did you draw inspiration from inside and limbo?

Loved the creepy vibe you created here without any ghosts. Made a dark atmosphere just by showing common objects from a different perspective. Graphics are superb too. Great work!
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I really enjoyed playing this game. Can't wait to play it when it fully releases! I fully recommend trying it out, you won't be disappointed. If you want to watch me play it, the link is down below.



I put down my little gameplay, congratulations on the game and I hope it comes out soon.

I have only detected a problem on the first screen of the metal balls as you can see in the gameplay, otherwise everything looks very good and I hope you have a great launch.


I can not WAIT FOR MORE! I will definitely play when it comes out!


Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (like and sub to support)):


1. The created style and the ambiance are so cool! I love how creepy and detailed the backgrounds are. There's so much stuff to see and to notice. A story that's being told through the environment is a very intruiging thing! I love that! The game reminds me of Little Nightmares  a lot.

2. The scares! The scares! I got so scared even when I replayed some moments. This monkey never ceased to be terrifying (even though I didn't understand how it worked at first and had to die like 3 times before I realised how dumb I was).

3. I love that there are so many animated characters. Animals look so cute and dangerous at the same time!

4. The pacing is wonderful. I hope the full game will have some chase scenes!


1. I didn't like the part with the dog as it wasn't threatning at all. The thing is that instead of running, I waited and figured out that the dog couldn't actually do anything to me. I think it would be cooler to see some timed thingies.

2. Sometimes there were boxed (I even pointed them out in the vid) that were so obviously going-aroundable). Of course, there's gonna be these objects for sure, but it's not good when they are too obvious.


I'll rate this 5/5 and I can't wait for the full version to come out! Great job! Overall, enjoyed this demo much more than the previous one!

Hope my feedback was useful!


I have one complaint about this beta, it was way to short haha. It was just long enough to get a grasp of how the game looks and plays with a bit of story and it looks amazing and plays very smooth. I am extremely excited to play the full game when it is released, well done!

It's incredibly clear that a lot of time and effort went into polishing this already fantastic game. A nice shiny coat of spooky paint to make it feel fresh. Really spooky atmosphere, great jump scares, and some of the puzzles nearly completely stumped me. Great job!!


Fabulous v2 demo guys! I was a huge fan of the first demo you put up when I covered it for my channel 7 months ago, so much so that I immediately supported your project. I thoroughly enjoyed this, it felt more puzzle oriented but did not disappoint on the creepiness either giving off a very spooky vibe with some great jumpscares. Its made me even more excited to get my hands on the full version (if that's even possible). You are doing amazing things with this game, it's going to be fantastic and I can't wait to play it. Thanks guys, great work!


I fell in love with this game. So I'm looking forward to the full release

My walkthrough in Russian:


Hello, I played this game and it was very fun, I really enjoyed it, the art style was great! and the sound effects and gameplay was also very nice! good work :)


love it so interesting and i'll be waiting !

great demo love it


I watched GSDBoxer play this. Pretty cool.


A game you can play comfortably

Hello, one of the best games I've tried lately, thanks for letting me try it, I want you to subscribe to my channel, thanks:


This is so good! It's like little nightmares but in my opinion, a lot more scarier. I think it's the sudden jumps where you least expected it. Need to follow you so when the full game released I can play it!


Awesome work.

The demo has changed since you did this video you should give it another try.

Sure let me try this again :) 


my play through here: 

This game was absolutely amazing the graphics were super unique I've never seen anything like it totally digged the demo. The scares were real too that dang monkey about made me dislocate my shoulder from flinching and the dog gave me a super sense of urgency with it's movements. Can't wait for the full release


video is private :D

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It should be up now my internet is awful so it takes forever for videos to process thanks for responding. :D


i didnt make the game just wanted to see some gameplay haha


Well thank you for responding anyways and letting me know ^^!